Friday, August 5, 2016

Let Blaugust commence!

Well, I guess I didn't have to wait as long as I thought!  I had my first sale yesterday! It is at this point, however, that it is unfortunate that I love math so much.  As I have made $3.40 for the 50 hours I spent developing this resource, I quickly calculated that I make 6 cents an hour.  Ha! Regardless, it made my day! :)

On another note, a coworker sent me to a blog, Stat Teacher, and this inspired me to participate in #MTBoSBlaugust! This wonderful blog encourages all to blog every day in August, during Back to School month (womp womp).  So, here it goes! Let the conversation flow :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And so it begins!

Well, after weeks of procrastinating, I finally posted my first product to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I was nervous about not having much success, so I edited my materials over and over until I was finally ready... today!

Here is access to the FREE resource I uploaded today:

****Click here to get to this FREE resource****

So, a little background on this piece...
In the past, when teaching students about the discriminant, I have always simply told the students what a discriminant is and what it is used for.  Last year, as I was just about to carry on the tradition, I looked at all my students' sweet faces looking painfully bored- literally some looked like they were in pain.  So, I decided on the spot to mix it up.  I told kids to sit with partners and solve three problems using the quadratic formula. Next, I asked students a series of questions (similar to the questions in this activity) and gave them time to discuss it within their groups.  Then, we discussed this as a class.  Afterwards, students helped me write notes on the board based on what they learned.  This enthusiasm was such a wonderful change to their normal demeanor- I was thrilled.
After this activity, I decided to create a more formal resource for Teachers Pay Teachers.
I'm excited to see what the world thinks! I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Sunday, July 31, 2016

How does one math differently?

This is my very post on my very first blog.  I have set up a store on Teachers Pay Teachers and I am days away from posting my very first product(!).  I chose the name for my store (Math Differently) for a reason.  Math did not come easily to me as a kid.  I couldn’t always remember the steps of the procedure I was taught or when to use it.  Also, I didn’t see its utility.   Since I began teaching, however, math has completely transformed for me.  I have made connections I hadn’t made before and I have understood concepts in a way I never had. 

As a result, I empathize with that student that lacks intrinsic motivation to learn, and that student that wants so badly to do well in class but just does not achieve the success he/she wants.  My teaching philosophy is centered on the notion of teaching students first to think, and then to guide them into learning through student exploration and strategic teacher questioning

My hope for this blog is that this will provide me with both the creative space to reflect on my teaching, and the opportunity to network and share ideas with other math teachers.  So, comments and conversation are very much appreciated! :)