Sunday, July 31, 2016

How does one math differently?

This is my very post on my very first blog.  I have set up a store on Teachers Pay Teachers and I am days away from posting my very first product(!).  I chose the name for my store (Math Differently) for a reason.  Math did not come easily to me as a kid.  I couldn’t always remember the steps of the procedure I was taught or when to use it.  Also, I didn’t see its utility.   Since I began teaching, however, math has completely transformed for me.  I have made connections I hadn’t made before and I have understood concepts in a way I never had. 

As a result, I empathize with that student that lacks intrinsic motivation to learn, and that student that wants so badly to do well in class but just does not achieve the success he/she wants.  My teaching philosophy is centered on the notion of teaching students first to think, and then to guide them into learning through student exploration and strategic teacher questioning

My hope for this blog is that this will provide me with both the creative space to reflect on my teaching, and the opportunity to network and share ideas with other math teachers.  So, comments and conversation are very much appreciated! :)