Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And so it begins!

Well, after weeks of procrastinating, I finally posted my first product to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I was nervous about not having much success, so I edited my materials over and over until I was finally ready... today!

Here is access to the FREE resource I uploaded today:

****Click here to get to this FREE resource****

So, a little background on this piece...
In the past, when teaching students about the discriminant, I have always simply told the students what a discriminant is and what it is used for.  Last year, as I was just about to carry on the tradition, I looked at all my students' sweet faces looking painfully bored- literally some looked like they were in pain.  So, I decided on the spot to mix it up.  I told kids to sit with partners and solve three problems using the quadratic formula. Next, I asked students a series of questions (similar to the questions in this activity) and gave them time to discuss it within their groups.  Then, we discussed this as a class.  Afterwards, students helped me write notes on the board based on what they learned.  This enthusiasm was such a wonderful change to their normal demeanor- I was thrilled.
After this activity, I decided to create a more formal resource for Teachers Pay Teachers.
I'm excited to see what the world thinks! I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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